Server Rules

1. Cheating & Exploits

1.1 Clients & Modifications

Using any kind of Cheat Clients is not allowed in anyway. Anything that

gives you an advantage is not allowed. You are allowed to have:

- Optifine

- HUD Mods 

- 100% Aesthetic Mods

1.2 Server Exploits

Players that take advantage of server glitches/bugs without telling a

staff members will be punished

1.3 Disrupting VolberiaMC

Players that cause the server to lag knowingly, will be punished

2. Alternative Accounts

2.1 Alt Accounts used for Advantages

Any Alternative accounts will be banned from VolberiaMC. The owner of

the account will be warned and if the owner uses another alt account, they

will be punished on their main account.

2.2 Ban Evasion

If you connect from an IP that has a banned account (Even Temp-Banned), you will be IP banned from VolberiaMC

3. Behavior (Includes In-Chat)

3.1 Spam

Any player that sends messages repeatly will be punished

3.2 Toxcitity 

Being Toxic is not allowed on VolberiaMC in any way. This includes the Server and Discord Chat. 

The use of racial slurs, sexual harassment, or extreme levels of explicit language are not allowed.

The toxcitiy of players in determined by staff members.

3.3 AFK Farming

AFK Machines are allowed on the server, this is not punishable

3.4 Personal Information

You are allowed to share your own personal information, but not anyone elses.

Sharing other peoples information is not tolerated. You will be banned from

Discord and the Server if you share information that is not yours.

3.5 Advertising

Advertising on the server is not allowed in any way. If you are to share any malicious links, or other Minecraft Servers, you will be punished.

3.6 Selling Items for Real Money

You are not allowed to sell in-game items for money, you will be IP-Banned from the server.

3.7 TP Killing

TP Killing is allowed on VolberiaMC, but is not encouraged. You will not be punished for TP-Killing

3.8 Raiding

Raiding is allowed, and is encouraged to bring rivalry between nations

4. Towny Rules

4.1 Claim Blocking

"Claim Blocking" is the deliberartely placing outposts or towns near a specific town to block the

expansion of that town. This is not allowed.

4.2 Falling of Towns

If a player logs in every couple days so a town doesn't fall isn't allowed. You must be active on the server otherwise your town will be deleted by a staff member.

4.3 Stealing Items

Stealing items from your citizens is looked down upon, but is allowed. You will not be punished from

stealing from your citizens chests.

5. Add-On Rules

5.1 Asking for Items

If you ask for items you will be punished

5.2 Spawning in Items

If a staff member spawns in items for a player that staff member along with the player will be punished